Flash Lenses for Fall

Lemme tell you about Randolph's!

Are you seeing these colorful flash lenses everywhere?  I am obsessed with them.   I have always loved the aviator look and have been wanting to find a pair that are comfortable, durable, and styling'.   I was ready to make an investment in a pair of shades that wouldn't let me down by letting me destroy them.  I want to be a cool kid with the flash lenses - I love the Blue.

I recently was introduced to Randolph's.   OMG   These shades are indestructible & high quality.  I need a pair of glasses that's nose pads aren't wobbly - sounds silly, but the nosepads are made out of soft silicone - they don't leave a mark and my lenses don't slip down my face when I am wearing them during a sweaty walk or hike.  I hate taking my shades off when I walk into a meeting and I am the dork with the little red marks where my shades were - don't have this issue with my Randolph's.

The temples need to be strong for me.   I'm the gal that will bend the temples and bust the hinges...Im hard on my things.   Check out the reinforced temples on these puppies.  My hair doesn't get caught in them and they are not going to bend or break on me.


I am in Austin where we get sunshine all the time.   Drugstore glasses won't do for me - I need to be sure that my lenses are absorbing ultraviolet rays while still giving me good visibility -  letting enough light through.   Randolph's are military grade - I'm no fighter pilot, but I like knowing that my lenses are engineered to endure a fight.

I try to be a good girl and always use my case - but sometimes my shades get dumped in my purse.   My Randolph's are made from mineral glass so they are exceptionally scratch resistant.  I have such confidence cruising in these lenses.  I feel like the terminator robot cop guy - no one can see my eyeballs and I love the cool reflection they let off.   Hard to take a selfie in them...but they look bad ass in photographs.

I was totally sold by all the celeb sighting in Randolphs... Check them out.

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