Gotta Love a Theme


I love to style every event.  I love the details.   For most the details are not interesting or they are afterthoughts...for me the style of any event is the most fun and makes the biggest impact.  I find it is easy to add love and tons of positive energy to an event by really manifesting the details in advance.   They say it's the thought that counts, I say show them what you are thinking! I recently collaborated with a friend to celebrate his wife's milestone 40th birthday with a night out on the town.  The structure of any event is quite simple:  Pick date, compile a guest list, budget and reservations.  Within the framework of this structure is where I love to attach the details.   What theme am I going to drape over this baby???   We chose to keep it simple and went with a color.


cwvDm9asA_Lw9YsGTQNy8vW7ZxwWe planned a pub crawl on 6th Street in Austin.   The venues worked with us to incorporate our purple theme party.  At the first bar there were PURPLE champagne cocktails upon arrival and food and drinks were served with themed napkins.  I finIMG_7230d that guests are more comfortable mingling with new friends when they can throw themselves into the theme and have parameters.  This event was a mixed bag of dear friends of the birthday girl who didn't necessarily know many others.  A gathering of strangers is always easier with a theme or costume attached.  I like to shape the event so that there are expectations, and I like to purposefully exceed them.

When you fill a fabulous venue with people who are themed out in their team apparel, surrounding a person they love, while sharing a communal cocktail and exquisite's magical.   The entire evening was busting with love energy and laughs and I can't help but think that the details (most of which I haven't mentioned) are what gives it soul.   Entertaining doesn't have to be hard, expensive or stressful.   We can create great things when love is the source of our inspiration.  What is your next celebration?   

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