Sensory Essentials


For as long as I can remember, creating a habitat for myself that is comfortable, beautiful, and inspiring has been important.   As a little girl I was constantly shifting the energy in the room by cleaning, organizing, rearranging and decorating.  I have always had a knack for design and a love for light and color.   My greatest work and creation in life other than my family is my nesting style.   I love to build an ever-evolving nest for my family and friends.  Nesting with feeling gives your home a soul.   Let me share my areas of focus | Nest Essentials: TOUCH / CLEAN / CLEAR / ORGANIZE:  The first step to contentment in the home is to have a purposeful and peaceful space.   Take time to sort through your things room by room to maintain and organize your home.   If you are holding on to material things that have no  decorative, useful, or emotional connection - PURGE.

SEE / DECORATE:  What is your favorite style?   Find it.   Take time to craft your home into a space that you find beautiful.   Surround yourself with favorite collections & colors, using  comfortable, functional pieces.  It is important to love your surroundings, so find functional pieces that you find beautiful.  If you choose to get help decorating, make sure that you guide the process with your feelings and opinion...   A professionally decorated home that doesn't feel comfortable and personal is a waste.   Charge your space with energy - choose colors that make you feel good, items that mean something, and furniture pieces that you are comfortable in.

PLANTS:  This is easy and so rewarding.   No matter the size of your home, you need plants!   Start with hearty houseplantsfrom the grocery store, then work your way up.   Plants produce oxygen and have lots of energy.   You will find that if a space is already filled with life when you enter it, your mood is lifted and consciousness is awakened.

HEAR / MUSIC:  When you are home, play music.   In today's digital age this is effortless.   Stream your favorite Pandora station.  Part of being comfortable in your surrounding is exciting your senses...all of them.   Listen to music that inspires you - your stations/streams will change with the day, but trust me - we work & play better with a soundtrack.


SMELL / ESSENTIAL OILS:   Now that we know fragrance can be harmful, masking the odors of our home with smelly sprays and candles is discouraged.  Diffusing essential oils not only smell pleasant, but there are countless blends that effect mood and have healing properties.  Consider this an accessory to the sensation of your home.   You can't mess it up.   Experiment.

TASTE/DECORATE WITH FOOD: This one is easy.   Fuel yourself and your family with healthy, non-processed foods from nature.   My groceries are also an ever evolving decor item.   The dining table and countertops always look different- adorned with bowls and dishes of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Explore your senses.  Build your nest.  Make your home the place that fuels you and gives you comfort.