Mala Madness


My goal in finally launching DomestiKate is to have a place where I can share my work, my favorite gifts, and lifestyle favorites with a greater following.  I want to share practical solutions for design, happiness, organization and health. My latest project is a perfect fusion of style, comfort, and health. I have been really drawn to crystals lately.   I like the grounding quality and beyond the beauty – I totally buy into their healing quality.  Finding the right crystals and stones is a personal quest – but since I am new to the whole thing I have just gone with feel.   I look for stones that have a healing quality I desire, are pretty, and not too expensive...after all – they are rocks.   I have collected a couple great healing crystals on Congress Street from independent collectors and my kids love to visit Nature's Treasures to look at crystals.

Recently my friend introduced me to her mala bead collection.   I was intrigued that while her necklaces were incredibly fashionable, they also each have meaning and healing qualities.   I like the symbolism of the prayer counts and think it is super cool that they are used in several religions and are powerful to people of all faiths.   After researching the meaning of different stones, I went to Bead It to check out their wall of healing stones.

In just a few easy steps I made my own Mala necklace!  Healing Beads

Mala Necklace How-To Diagram

Tassel Bar

Why 108?

Once I selected my strands of 108 green agate beads I had fun looking at tassels and marker beads.  After I had my healing power solidified, all I was looking for was coordinating pieces.

Healing power?

Count your Beads

I strung my Mala necklace with silk thread that came already needled. I only knotted before and after each marker bead.   I think if you were a skilled pearler, knotting after each bead would be great!  My method took 10 minutes.   I started at the guru bead, worked my way through the pattern then looped back thru the guru bead to loop through the tassel.

I wear my agate mala beads a bunch and plan to make several more.  My intention initially was to sell them thru DomestiKate.  I found that the process if choosing stones is incredibly personal.   For me – this isn’t something you’d buy online.   I suggest you get out there and hold some stones.   You will immediately get a feel. You will be drawn to them.   Have fun with the quest.


Kate's Agate Mala Necklace

For inspiration visit Mala Collective.  I really think before you invest in one, you should feel the stones yourself...  but this shop has really gorgeous and reasonably priced pieces.

If you don’t buy into the healing power of malas but like the look I am working with a couple wholesalers to get some faux tassel items in the shop. In the faux department I am really digging fluorescent tassels and wood beads.   The wood beads are less expensive and lighter weight and can be layered easily.




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