Spread'n Some Cheer


This holiday season its time to transfer some serious love energy. Rather than shopping for a small item that will fit perfectly into gift bags already purchased in bulk because I am drawn to the color & price...  I chose to start at the source!   Me!   I want to share a piece of myself with our neighbors, friends, and teachers.   For the first time ever, I made Jalapeño Pepper Jelly.

There are canning recipes all over - I can't claim expertise here...   but the other supplies are easy:  Canning Kit, Traditional Ball Jars, Jar Labels

This two day project required a lot of love, patience, hand soap, and salve.   The peppers were chosen because of their holiday colors - I was drawn to the bright greens and reds.  I love a good hostess gift...thinking I will tie a cute spreader to the jar with a witty note then delivery with a bag of Wholefoods Rosemary crackers.  Yum!

I poured my heart and soul into each jar as my skin stung and eyes burned.  Although the recipe and ingredients are quite simple, I am hoping that my recipients will sense the heart that was poured into each jar.  Super proud of my labor of love, 25 jars are curing in my guest closet as I brainstorm my packaging.   Not gunna share my recipe - there are tons out there!!!  One tip - I was able to make mine mild by removing almost all of the Jalapeño seeds.   This hurt me in the process, but made the jelly more palatable for kids and wimps.


  • Wear protective gloves and goggles when playing meth lab with 50 jalapeños.   My sinuses are cleared, but my mucus membranes are inflamed.  Gobbing lotion on hands and face to promote healing.
  • Once you have disregarded #1, avoid eye balls and genitals at all costs.
  • Canning is cool.   I want to keep doing it.

The final product: