Gratitude Globe


Such a sweet gift.  DomestiKate's handblown Gratitude Globe fits in your palm.  At 3.5" round with blown attached base, the globe has a tiny hole where we can roll and store written notes of gratitude, dreams, wishes, or goals.   Beyond being a totally cute gift (picture gorgeously wrapped 4" x 4" mug sized box) , the Gratitude Globe is the perfect size and price point for any friend, neighbor, teacher, child, grandparent, etc.   The globe comes with a tiny notepad with 52 sheets so we can capture our gratitude.  If nothing else, this gorgeous piece of custom art is great on a bookshelf or side table.  It feels magical on a bedside table too.   I think all ages will love it. In my house, we pull out our tiny gratitude pad at Sunday dinner.   We write what we are grateful for over the past week on a single piece and roll it up, to slide into our gratitude globe and keep it forever.   The kids love to take turns writing and we do this as a family.  The energy and symbol that this piece holds is amazing.   I love having mine right in the family room where everyone can see it and hold it.    I am picturing a collection of gratitude globes in different colors for different years!   This year we are seafoam green and light blue, in 2016 we can be pink and red...   who knows!


  • You need a Gratitude Globe
  • Gratitude Globes make great gifts
  • This can be a collectible item (annual color introduced at holiday season)
  • Decorating your home with items and symbols that exude love, gratitude, and hope is cool
  • Our Gratitude Globes are handblown in Rhode Island