Christmas Popcorn Ornaments


Family Tradition:  Every Thanksgiving after the meal is cleaned up and the boys have adjourned to watch football, the kids and moms make a Christmas craft.   We have done graham cracker candy houses, Gingerbread houses, gum drop wreaths, handprint ornaments - all sorts of fun crafts.   The kids are getting older and aren't into the old cutesy crafts... We brought back an old favorite and made quick and easy Christmas Popcorn Ornaments.


  • glass ornaments
  • popcorn
  • ribbon
  • brown paper lunch sack
  • microwave

I needed jumbo balls to fill in and scale with my Tray Ornaments from last year.

I bought 4 of these boxes at Michaels.2015-11-29 20.13.11


We filled each ball with a teaspoon of corn. 2015-11-29 20.09.19

We microwaved the ornaments one at a time in a brown lunch sack for one minute.2015-11-29 20.09.30

Make sure not to touch the glass right out of the microwave.

Use the brown bag to lower the ornament into the case and allow to cool.

Once cool, add the original spring topper then wrap or bow the top with a ribbon that coordinates with your decor.

2015-11-29 22.57.56

So Easy.

I wanted a tree that features our latest projects - "craft only" was my inspiration.

Wood bead garland, Tray Ornaments, and Popcorn Balls.

2015-11-29 22.57.27

What is crazy is that these Christmas Popcorn Ornaments keep!

 We pulled out a handful of ornaments from 5 years ago and they look great!  Scary.  No decomposition yet.

Christmas Popcorn Ornament is:

A great gift.

A conversation piece.

An easy project.