On the Right Path

I believe that we are guided in life.   In meditation I try to focus on my relationship to the universe and truly feel connected to everything that crosses my path.  I feel sensitive the the energy that surrounds me and am starting to really feel high and low vibrations.   This sensitivity is something that I am unable to control.   I feel it is a strength in that I can very easily read people and situations.   I try to pull myself away from low vibration situations, way better now that I used to.  My whole household is sensitive.   We know that we are manifesters and can focus on our goals and stay on the right path.    We know that all of us are capable of moving energy and achieving our goals and desires.  We try to celebrate this intention setting in our home.

I have coupled the idea of setting goals/intentions with believing that you are on the right path.    As a family, every year on New Years' Eve, we celebrate the new year by talking about things that we are grateful for and reviewing our gratitude globe and create a goal scroll to list all of our goals for the coming year.   It's fun.   We pull out a cheeseboard, play some fun tunes and help each other in goal making.   We roll up our goal scrolls at the end of the night and place  them in a container on the mantle in the living room.   Every day we are reminded of our goals as we walk past them.   If need be, we can pull out the scroll and refresh our memories, or mark off achievements.   Also in the container we have started a collection of feathers.   We love the notion that when a feather crosses your path - it is a sign that you are on the right path in life.    Our feathers and goals together keep us striving to manifest our desires and feel assurance & peace.