All the Possibilities

For the first few days I just sat and peered into the dollhouse.   Looking for inspiration, feeling the history it brought with it.    There were broken windows, lots of dust & cob webs, evidence of a flood from water damage in the buckling hardwood floor and stained peeling wallpaper.   There were missing parts and pieces and tons of evidence of love and use.   This relic was lovingly handmade and passed on to at least two girls before me.  

It is hard not to start envisioning a new life right away.   

After hours of staring at it, and pinning feverishly on Pinterest, I was ready to pounce!   I was filled with inspiration and excitement and when this happens, its crazy how quickly I was able to find time in my seemingly full calendar to create.    What's crazy is that I didn't see the dollhouse coming.  I didn't plan for it.   I have always loved miniatures but thought of a hobby like this as extravagant.  Now that my children are in middle school, I have more free time and less interruption and find that I can give myself a few minutes every day to create in my doll house.   This beautiful gift has become a living vision board for me.   I am not looking at this as a restoration, but a never ending hobby that will change and grow as I do.