Sparking Joy

Everything happens for a reason.   Right?   Well my world was gently rocked and infused with a creative explosion over a simple neighborhood walk with a friend this January.    I had been looking for a new project.   Something to sink my teeth into.   I love to create and am generally a great manifestor.   I had wrapped up a fun & busy booth vendor season, was liquidating remaining inventory and looking for a project.

In my typical January routine I was discussing my organizing craze with my friend.  I was telling her all about this neat book I had read over Christmas break The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo.   I was explaining to her how much I loved sorting through my home and possessions methodically.  

Kon Mari.jpg

The Kon Mari Method for simplifying, organizing, and storing our things was new and different for me because it taught me to look at items differently around our home.  I have always been an organized person and my house is never a mess - but what got me jazzed about this book was the approach.   Instead of cleaning and decluttering room by room, the Kon Mari method takes you category by category.   I attached to this approach on an energetic level.   If an item does not spark joy, then it needs to go.  Instead of feeling guilty for tossing something I had only worn once, or donating items that were gifts from dear loved ones, I look at them as no longer serving us.   I know that once they were donated or sold they would have a new lease to spark joy for someone else.   Really, once you get over the letting go - the process is so freeing!   Marie says:   A dramatic reorganization of the home causes correspondingly dramatic changes in lifestyle and perspective.  

It feels great to be surrounded only by the things we love. It is only when you put your house in order that your furniture and decorations come to life.

I felt so much joy knowing that the items that were stagnant in our home are now sparking joy elsewhere.   No guilt for having spent too much on a dress that never really fit anyway....I don't have to walk past it any more in the closet - it's gone.   There is nothing more important that having our home feel joyful & positive.   

Back to the walk.....   My friend is working through the process herself and readying for a move.   She is also a creative, values family, art, tradition is sentimental.   Christine had this forty year old dollhouse collecting dust in her front office.   I was immediately intrigued when I walked in post-walk and saw it.   She is so fun - having no use for the dollhouse she had repurposed it as an office storage unit.  Each room was filled with office supplies.   Christine felt tied to the piece because of the love & joy that it brought her as a child.   Christine's dad 7 grandfather had built this gem shingle by shingle for her.   The sentiment of letting it go had kept her from releasing it.   The piece was too big, didn't go with her office decor (picture two teen boys in tandem on computers) -  it was taking up space and not sparking any  joy for her.    After our discussion during our walk, and my simple interest & enthusiasm about how beautiful her dollhouse was - Christine without hesitation said  "You want it?".   Christine saw the joy that her dollhouse sparked in me and immediately felt freed to gift it to me.   Christine knew that she was honoring Grandpa Peterson's hard work and love that went into this and knew that I would honor it too.   Within seconds of the exchange her boys had cleaned out the contents and were loading the dollhouse into the back of my car.     There you have it!   Joyful energy exchange that has given this relic a new life.