Plants in 1:12 Scale

My very first mini accessory to create came to me in a flash.   The house was empty, walls sitting in carrying levels of readiness between paint and wallpaper application and removal.   I had an idea for which rooms would be where, but no furniture, no flooring... I just needed to make some plants!   Houseplants are always the first thing I look at when refreshing someone's home.   Plants absorb Co2 and infuse oxygen into the space.  This will all be metaphorical int he dollhouse of course - but their importance to design made them first on my list.   

I started with these cute little wooden pieces found at Michaels.   Super inexpensive and pre-milled and sanded - I saw these as planters or possible lamps or end tables.

FullSizeRender 12.jpg

Event though I am NOT a synthetic plant person in my home - I have a couple fake plants in a bookshelf for color....  I pulled my full scale fake plants out and started clipping.   I needed just tiny whisps.   Little branches that I could piece together w glue and floral moss to make miniatures.   

Now these were full scale ornamental grade blades the i just needed to fashion together with gobs of hot glue in the base to mimic a Mother-in-laws tongue plant.   The full scale moss works in here too.   Whole thing... 2 minutes.



Same thing with these.   Tiny clippings - no one would know they were missing from the full-scale living room.   Hot glue.  Moss. Done.   

I can't get enough of these.   I have mini plants in every room in the house.



I used floral tape on this one to make a stem.   This piece resembles the ficus tree that I have full scale.  

This table top gem is a black button for the base, a white ceramic bead & a tiny piece of a full scale succulent.  1 minute to glue gun...